Lajmet e fundit

  • 01.08.2014

    Department of Industry /DPI- Official Visit to Slovenia

    On July 14 -15, 2014, the Representatives of the Department of Industry (Bleron Menzelxhiu, Remzi Grabanica and Agim Isufi) made an Official visit to Slovenia, where they meet the Officials of the Ministry for Economic and Technology Development and representatives of Slovenian Public Agency,... Read more

  • 29.07.2014

    SAA initials has been concluded

    Initialling of the Stabilisation Association Agreement (SAA) among the Republic of Kosovo and the European Union took place on Friday, in Brussels, which event marks the formal end of the negotiating process and the two parties agreeing on the text of the agreement negotiated. The next step will be... Read more

  • 23.07.2014

    State council discusses new strategy for the intellectual property

    On July 22, 2014, at the Ministry of Trade and Industry the Intellectual Property State Council held a meeting. The meeting discussed Kosovo Intellectual Property system’s challenges and progress as well as the new strategy for Intellectual Property Right 2015-2018. Read more

  • 16.07.2014

    Minister Nikaj, participated at the opening Summer Academy “Mobile Application and Technology“

    Minister of Trade and Industry, Bernard Nikaj, has participated at the opening of the Summer academy “Mobile Application and Technology”, organized by UBT, aim of which is to advance youth/students knowledge on mobile application and technology. Read more